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The HE'ART' of California©

 The HeART of California©

The California experience is unique: the environment, the business, Hollywoood glamour is legendary & we have some of the most breath-taking scenery in the nation.  The majority of Californians have transplanted from other parts and thus it has become an entity of its own.

True artists embody the life force of their environment and the artists here are like no other.  They are free and experimental.  They are not locked into a mold or formula but are adventurous and daring.  I am imbedded in a very rich vein of the arts here in California.  In the last century it was gold and silver, now it is Art.   The original art coming from the life force of Northern California is refreshing and ever changing.

Originally starting with California artists, I have included others along the way.   I intend to help artists of my network to move to the next step, whatever that may be.  I encourage you to consider these artists for their merit, their potential and their beauty. 

This is a small sampling of the fine art produced.  I encourage you to contact the artist directly if you desire to know more about their work.

Warm Regards, KC  MOORE

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