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Art can reach to us at a playing field below the realm of the the emotions.  A poem can bring tears and music can make you stretch within.

I believe the world needs art, in its highest and best form.  If the artist puts down his brush, if the song writter puts down his pen, if the prophet fails to speak....where do we find hope? 

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KC Moore, Sacramento Artist, Dancing Tree, Oil Painter

KC Moore works primarily in acrylics and oils but has produced work in multi-media, collage, digitally altered photography and assemblage.

She is an award winning California artist who enjoys the focus of emotion in her artwork: vibrant color, the movement of a line, the layering of contrasting or supporting hues and textures...virtually anything that formulates the excitement of life. 

She admits that the color and movement in her work is more vibrant and electric than found in the real world.  Most of her compositions are born out of a memory, experience or emotion and it reflects more what could be rather than what is.



KC MOORE is an award winning artist, collected nation-wide and has shown in galleries in Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Old Sacramento, Placerville, Lincoln, Roseville, New York, Ojai and many juried shows.  Her artwork is on display in many professional offices and public venues.

She is an artist taught by artists and has taken classes on an intimate level with:  Gretchen Ryan, Gary Pruner, Susan Sarback, Bobbi Baldwin, Igor Babalovich, Howard Stover as well as rubbing elbows with other accomplished artists in the legendary Midtown Gallery.

KC Moore, Gary Pruner, Grape Nest, Oil Painting, Sacramento Artist


She supported the local charities, coordinated Midtown Gallery, organized art events, curated the Annual Youth Invitational, been a featured artist dozens of times, has shown art in about thirty art venues including Ojai and New York City, had Three One-Woman shows, received Business Woman of the Year Award and in many juried shows.

She had the distinct honor of taking the final classes of GARY PRUNER, both oil painting and color theory.  The painting on the right is her interpretation of Gary's 'GRAPE NEST'. She called it 'BY PERMISSION' as it was done in his class as a  project in color theory.

KC Moore, Sacramento Artist, Midtown Framing and Gallery,


Her home gallery was at Midtown Gallery on J Street for over a decade.  She has shown at well over dozens of local galleries and venues in the Northern California vicinity.

She retired from the galleries, however you can still purchase her art from:
The Kennedy Gallery
1114 20th St, Sacramento, CA  95811



After she saw SACRAMENTO MAGAZINE feature JACKIE GREENE on the cover and interview, she set her sights on seeing him in concert.    It took two years  before that could happen.  That night, on the Mother Goose Stage at Fairytale Town she became a fan.  After that magical  summertime concert (see blog) she spent half the night listing to his music and painting this five-panel oil painting.


Local artists had a dramatic effect on KC's work.  Howard Stover actually painted a series together in oil on canvas.  They started by one putting down a color/line/spot and the other responding to it.  The series is called CAMERON WILLIAMS.  It showed only once at THE STERLING RUNNING STREAM GALLERY in Sacramento.  Sterling asked if Cameron would show up for opening night...he/she didn't.  It was a bit of a spoof we pulled off.

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