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Robert Alan Smith

Robert Alan Smith was born July 17, 1927 in Pasadena, California.  He lived and worked within 100 miles of his birth place for the majority of his life.  His story will be unfolding here.  His life encompassed a dual art career: animator and fine artist.  In both fields he rose to the top.  His work hung in the White House, he's in prestigious collections such as The Smithsonian and Library of Congress.  He studied at the famous Chouinard Art Academy and with some of the world's most notable artist.

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Robert is a remarkable artist spanning over four decades in a successful dual art career.  He was an award winning animator for the top names in the industry.  Throughout his life he rose to the top of the world of fine art.  This resume describes the accomplishments of Robert Alan Smith in the fine arts.



Chouinard Art Institute, Los Angeles, CA 1948-49

Studied under Donald Graham, Richard Haines and Dan Lutz

Escuela Universitaria de Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Gro. Mexico. Study of Fine Art and Mural Painting with David Alfaro Siqueiros, Mural Project  1949-50



Illustration, Record Album Covers, and Books

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

Self employed Painter/Printmaker, Ojai, CA

Chouinard Art Institute - teacher (1950)

Animator for Disney, Marvel, Hanna-Barbera and other(40+ years)

Member/Instructor - Western Serigraph Institute

Contributor to Western Serigraph Institute Bulletin (1961)

Contributed to Ventura Fine Arts Magazine (1962)

Ventura College Fine Arts Faculty: Painting, Printmaking, Design (1964-1978)

California Institute of the Arts -  workshops, Los Angeles

Private Instruction

Southern Oregon University:  Watercolor Painting, Drawing

Rogue Gallery & Art Center, Medford OR: Painting, Drawing

Instructor at Oceanside Museum of Art School



Who's Who in America

Two Thousand Men of Achievement -1972

Devenport's Art Reference and Price Guide 2001/2002 (page 1725)



Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Pasadena Art Museum

Library of Congress, Washington DC

Dick Art Center UCLA, Los Angeles (Invitational)

The Greek Theater, Los Angeles

Santa Paula Annual Exhibition, CA

Chouinard Art Institute

Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Ojai, CA

Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC

Seattle Art Museum

Art Association of Newport, RI

Fort Worth Art Center, TX

Rochester Institute of Technology

Southwest Missouri State College

State University of Iowa

University of Wyoming

Denison University, OH

Regar Memorial Museum of Natural History, AL

East Texas State College

Barat College, IL

Talladega College, AL

Lawrence College, WI

Santa Barbara Museum, CA

Iowa State Teachers College, IO

University of Florida

New Mexico Western College

State Teachers College, PA

University of Utah

College of St. Francis, IL

University of Missouri

Hollins College, VA

Stanford University, CA

Ohio Wesleyan University

Central Missouri State College

Brigham Young University, UT

Spring Hill College, AL

Washington and Lee University, UT

Bradley University, IL

Agustana College, IL

Mississippi State College for Women

Longwood College, VA

North Carolina College

Texas Woman's University

Emory University, GA

Southwest Texas State College

Howard College, AL

Birmingham Public Library, AL

Mary Baldwin College, VA

Eastern Washington College of Education

Wesley College, GA

Cornell College, IO

Western Illinois University

Indiana State Teachers College

DeCordova and Dana Museum

The Boston Museum

The Brooklyn Museum

The American Federation of Arts

The United Nations, NY

The New York World's Fair

California Institute of Technology

50 American Printmakers - 1961

The White House: LBJ's residence and Dr. Kissinger's office


The Library of Congress

Smithsonian Institution

Boston Public Library

Brooklyn Museum

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Pan America Airways, Rabat Morocco

Wilt Chamberlain Estate, Los Angeles

Levi Straus Company, SF

Northrop Aviation, Century City

American Broadcasting TV, Century City

Disney Company

Los Angeles County Museum

Philadelphia Museum of Art



Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Pasadena Art Museum

Norton Simon Museum (formerly Pasadena Art Museum)

Norton Galleries, St. Louis, MI

Art Center, Ojai, CA

Graywood Galleries, CA

Michel Thomas Gallery, Beverly Hills

Ventura College

Orr's Gallery, San Diego

Maxwell Gallery, SF

Barnett Bros., Beverly Hills

Ventura Public Library



1961 Purchase Award, Library of Congress (8 Serigraphs FP-XX-S657 in all)

Purchase Award, Boston Museum

Purchase Award, University of North Dakota

1960 Purchase Award, Bradley University, IL

1960 Purchase Award Pasadena Art Museum

1961 Sen. James D. Phelan Award for Native California Painters

1962 Purchase Award, Bradley University, IL

First Prize Annual Competition, Chouinard Art Institute

Departmental Award, Chouinard Art Institute

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